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Mon-13/10 : The Festival of Discord!
Thu-04/09 : New Design!
Wed-13/08 : Special Item for Those who Attended Fan Faire
Wed-13/08 : Details Emerge About Fan Faire 2008
Wed-13/08 : New Expansions Announced for EQ and EQII
Wed-13/08 : Book Announced that Celebrates EQ 10th anniversary
Tue-05/08 : Update to EQII - Storm Break
Tue-29/07 : Fan Faire 2008
Fri-25/07 : Free Secrets of Faydwer Offer
Sat-14/06 : Have your guild featured at the guild fair!
Sun-01/06 : Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2008 SOE Fan Faire!
Sat-31/05 : A Sneak Peek of “Gathering Tempest;” the Next Game Update f
Sat-31/05 : Bonus XP Weekend!
Sat-31/05 : The Festival of Unity
Fri-30/05 : SOE Fan Faire 2008
Fri-30/05 : Update Notes
Fri-30/05 : The Winwin Create-a-Class Contest
Fri-30/05 : Legends of Norrath Promo Weekend 5/30 – 6/1
Thu-29/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-29/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-29/05 : Rise of Kunark earns title as best selling EverQuest II expansio
Mon-26/05 : Official SOE Podcast #36
Sun-25/05 : Developer Spotlight
Sun-25/05 : Town Crier!
Fri-23/05 : Update Notes
Fri-23/05 : Job Opportunity!
Fri-23/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-22/05 : Lore Feature
Thu-22/05 : The Loot Tournament Weekend in Legends of Norrath has been exten
Thu-22/05 : Sony Online Seeks to Reinvent Online Gaming
Wed-21/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-21/05 : Legends of Norrath Oathbreaker Announced!
Wed-21/05 : John Smedley's been interviewed on TenTonHammer!
Tue-20/05 : Limited Tech Support Hours on Thursday, May 22nd
Mon-19/05 : Fan Art Assault
Mon-19/05 : The Hungry Gnome!
Fri-16/05 : The Town Crier!
Fri-16/05 : Update Notes
Fri-16/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-15/05 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-14/05 : Podcast #35
Wed-14/05 : Game Update #45
Wed-14/05 : Lore Feature
Wed-14/05 : May Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier
Tue-13/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-13/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-13/05 : Game Update 45 is almost here!
Mon-12/05 : “A Prophet Returns” - Game Update 45 preview!
Sat-10/05 : Legends of Norrath Loot Re-Roll
Fri-09/05 : Update Notes
Fri-09/05 : Did you happen to miss Thursday's EQII devchat on Allakhaz
Fri-09/05 : Town Crier!
Thu-08/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-08/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-06/05 : Devchat Coming Soon at Allakhazam!
Mon-05/05 : Fan Art Assault
Fri-02/05 : Update Notes
Fri-02/05 : Game Update 45 Sneak Peek!
Fri-02/05 : Town Crier!
Fri-02/05 : What SOE game will the Community team play on Friday May 9th?
Thu-01/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-01/05 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-01/05 : Phone Support Reduced Hours: 05/02/08
Wed-30/04 : Update Notes
Wed-30/04 : Audio Dev Diary with Steve Kim!
Wed-30/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-30/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-28/04 : Podcast #34 is here!
Mon-28/04 : Fan Art Assault
Mon-28/04 : The Hungry Gnome!
Sat-26/04 : Don't miss the Ravecast this evening!
Fri-25/04 : LoN: New Chardok raid content starting this weekend!
Fri-25/04 : Town Crier!
Wed-23/04 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-23/04 : Update Notes
Wed-23/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-23/04 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-22/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-21/04 : Have you checked the EQII Development blog lately?
Mon-21/04 : Lore Feature
Sat-19/04 : Bonus XP Weekend!
Fri-18/04 : Update Notes
Fri-18/04 : Town Crier!
Fri-18/04 : Podcast 33 is here!
Fri-18/04 : Fan Faire Baby!
Fri-18/04 : Community Spotlight
Thu-17/04 : Join us for an EQII “House of Commons” devchat on Stratics!
Thu-17/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-17/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-17/04 : Interested in Joining the SOE Team?
Thu-17/04 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-17/04 : Live Gamer is here!
Thu-17/04 : Some news for our Coercers, Warlocks and Necromancers!
Wed-16/04 : The MMOFury Top Fansite Awards!
Wed-16/04 : Lore Feature
Tue-15/04 : Update Notes
Tue-15/04 : New Fan Art!
Mon-14/04 : Maintenance Notice
Mon-14/04 : Better Know a Developer!
Sat-12/04 : It's a Rock and Re-Roll weekend in Legends of Norrath!
Fri-11/04 : Update Notes
Fri-11/04 : Town Crier!
Thu-10/04 : Update Notes
Thu-10/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-10/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-10/04 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-09/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-09/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-09/04 : Job Opportunity!
Wed-09/04 : Lore Feature
Wed-09/04 : Game Update #44 Notes
Tue-08/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-08/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-07/04 : Enter EQII Allakhazam's Permadeath Challenge and Prove You
Mon-07/04 : Game Update 44 is Coming Soon!
Fri-04/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-04/04 : Legends of Norrath Promo Weekend!
Fri-04/04 : EQII 'Shard of Hate' Video featured at 1UP's G
Wed-02/04 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-02/04 : Lore Feature
Tue-01/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-01/04 : SOE Official Podcast #32 Is Now Available!
Tue-01/04 : Community Spotlight
Tue-01/04 : Maintenance Notice
Sat-29/03 : Start date correction for LiveGamer
Sat-29/03 : Maintenance Notice
Fri-28/03 : Update Notes
Fri-28/03 : Game Update 44 visual preview!
Fri-28/03 : Town Crier!
Fri-28/03 : Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure are now Live!
Thu-27/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-27/03 : Bristlebane’s Day
Thu-27/03 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-27/03 : There’s a new video Dev Chat!
Tue-25/03 : Community Spotlight
Tue-25/03 : There’s a new video Dev Chat!
Tue-25/03 : Game Update 44 preview!
Tue-25/03 : Lore Feature
Mon-24/03 : Update Notes
Fri-21/03 : Vote for SOE in the Escapist’s Developer Showdown!
Fri-21/03 : Don't miss this interview on Mmofury.com!
Fri-21/03 : Town Crier!
Thu-20/03 : Update Notes
Thu-20/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-20/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-20/03 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-20/03 : Technical staffing for Friday, March 21st 2008
Thu-20/03 : Gamers Beware!
Wed-19/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-19/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-19/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-19/03 : Station Exchange changes!
Tue-18/03 : Keep Your Characters Safe!
Tue-18/03 : Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Tue-18/03 : Community Spotlight
Mon-17/03 : Double Threat Loot Tournament Weekend, March 22-23!
Mon-17/03 : Podcast 31, now for your viewing pleasure!
Mon-17/03 : So, where can a gnome get a good drink?
Mon-17/03 : Are you a true Norrathian partier?
Fri-14/03 : Update Notes
Fri-14/03 : Raise a drink to Brell!
Fri-14/03 : Lore Feature
Fri-14/03 : SCEI and SOE Join Forces in the Computer Entertainment Industry
Thu-13/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-13/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-12/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-12/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-12/03 : Brell's Magic Kegs is for.. ALE!
Wed-12/03 : Station Exchange changes!
Wed-12/03 : Legends of Norrath Inquisitor
Wed-12/03 : EQuinox #2 releases today!
Tue-11/03 : A Little Something...
Tue-11/03 : A Quick Note
Tue-11/03 : Maintenance Reminder
Tue-11/03 : Community Spotlight
Mon-10/03 : Legends of Norrath's Second Expansion, Inquisitor,Has Been
Fri-07/03 : Update Notes
Fri-07/03 : Lore Feature
Fri-07/03 : Maintenance Notice
Fri-07/03 : Legends of Norrath Inquisitor Preview!
Thu-06/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-06/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-06/03 : Legends of Norrath Inquisitor Preview!
Wed-05/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-05/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-05/03 : A Little Something...
Wed-05/03 : Game Update #43
Wed-05/03 : Legends of Norrath Inquisitor Preview!
Wed-05/03 : Gary Gygax, we’ll miss you.
Tue-04/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-04/03 : Raise 'em high! Drink 'em low!
Tue-04/03 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-04/03 : Inquisitor Release Weekend Events March 7-9, 2008!
Tue-04/03 : Emily “Domino” Taylor, featured in Legends Magazine!
Tue-04/03 : Community Spotlight
Mon-03/03 : Maintenance Notice
Mon-03/03 : The SOE Podcast #30 is LIVE!
Mon-03/03 : Show your EQII Spirit!!
Mon-03/03 : Game Update 43 Preview!
Sat-01/03 : Legends of Norrath Promo Weekend!
Fri-29/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-29/02 : EQII Devchat on Allakhazam tonight!
Thu-28/02 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-28/02 : Purchase Authorization
Wed-27/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-26/02 : Community Spotlight
Tue-26/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-25/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-25/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-25/02 : A Couple of Problems...
Mon-25/02 : An upcoming Dev chat from Allakhazam!
Fri-22/02 : Game Update 43 Preview!
Fri-22/02 : Town Crier!
Fri-22/02 : A Little Something...
Thu-21/02 : Update Notes
Thu-21/02 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-21/02 : Better Know a Developer!
Wed-20/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-20/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-20/02 : Do you want to win some LoN packs?
Wed-20/02 : Community Spotlight
Mon-18/02 : Have you ever considered being an intern?
Mon-18/02 : Technical and Account/Billing staffing for 2/18/08
Mon-18/02 : Podcast #29 is here!
Mon-18/02 : Community Spotlight
Sat-16/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-15/02 : Update Notes
Fri-15/02 : Town Crier!
Fri-15/02 : EQuinox Issue #2 Pre-Order Bonus Items!
Fri-15/02 : EQII Lore: “Heart of the Hound”
Thu-14/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-14/02 : Brand New Set Comes to Legends of Norrath™ - Inquisitor!
Thu-14/02 : Do You Play Legends of Norrath?
Wed-13/02 : Update Notes
Wed-13/02 : Erollisi Day!
Tue-12/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-12/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-12/02 : Legends of Norrath Loot Tournament Weekend, February 16-18
Tue-12/02 : Are you interested in being selected as a Community Member of th
Mon-11/02 : Update Notes
Mon-11/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Sat-09/02 : Ingame chat troubles…
Fri-08/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-08/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-08/02 : A rather “Epic” EQII video!
Fri-08/02 : Word from John Smedley in regards to LiveGamer!
Fri-08/02 : Quick item search for EQIIPlayers
Thu-07/02 : Update Notes
Thu-07/02 : February Loot Re-Roll!
Thu-07/02 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-06/02 : Game Update 42 VIDEO!
Wed-06/02 : Information regarding Update 42!
Wed-06/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-05/02 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-05/02 : Epic Concept art desktops and tradeskill teaser!
Tue-05/02 : Community Spotlight
Mon-04/02 : Maintenance Notice
Mon-04/02 : The preview doesn’t stop!
Mon-04/02 : Game Update 42 Preview!
Sat-02/02 : Bonus XP Weekend!
Fri-01/02 : New On The PTRs...
Fri-01/02 : The Fan Resource Center is now LIVE!
Fri-01/02 : Town Crier!
Thu-31/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-31/01 : Update Notes
Thu-31/01 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-31/01 : EQII’s featured in an upcoming documentary!
Wed-30/01 : Fan Faire Baby!
Wed-30/01 : Forums Maintenance
Wed-30/01 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-29/01 : Ill Messengers Episode #1 Released on Super Deluxe
Tue-29/01 : Community Spotlight
Mon-28/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-28/01 : Producer’s Letter and Sneak Peek of GU42!
Mon-28/01 : Legends of Norrath Promo Weekend!
Sat-26/01 : January Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier
Fri-25/01 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-25/01 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-23/01 : Developer Spotlight
Mon-21/01 : Town Crier!
Mon-21/01 : The Hungry Gnome!
Mon-21/01 : Podcast 28!
Mon-21/01 : Pirates of the Burning Seas!
Fri-18/01 : Update Notes
Thu-17/01 : Update Notes
Thu-17/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-17/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-17/01 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-16/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-16/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-16/01 : Limited Customer Service staffing for January 21st, 2008
Wed-16/01 : Become Trakanon and Wreak Havok!
Wed-16/01 : Double Threat Tournament Weekend, January 19-20!
Wed-16/01 : Station Access!
Tue-15/01 : Massively recently interviewed SOE’s CEO, John Smedley!
Tue-15/01 : Community Spotlight
Mon-14/01 : Player Interview
Sat-12/01 : Update Notes
Fri-11/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-11/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-11/01 : Town Crier!
Thu-10/01 : Test Server Downtime
Thu-10/01 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-09/01 : Update Notes
Wed-09/01 : SOE brings home an Emmy for Everquest!
Wed-09/01 : Community Spotlight
Wed-09/01 : Forums Maintenance
Tue-08/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-08/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Sat-05/01 : Community Get Together in Las Vegas!!!
Fri-04/01 : Update Notes
Fri-04/01 : Emily "Domino" Taylor interviewed!
Thu-03/01 : Update Notes
Thu-03/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-03/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-03/01 : Legends of Norrath Promotion Weekend 1/4-1/6!
Thu-03/01 : Back in the saddle again!
Wed-02/01 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-31/12 : Happy New Year!
Thu-27/12 : A Quick Note
Thu-27/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-27/12 : Happy Holidays!
Mon-24/12 : Frostfell Decorations Come Home to Norrath!
Mon-24/12 : Community Get Together in Las Vegas!!!
Mon-24/12 : Legends of Norrath Forsworn Launch Week Friday!
Mon-24/12 : The Fun Doesn't End with the Holidays for Legends of Norra
Sat-22/12 : Update Notes
Sat-22/12 : Rise of Kunark Scores 9/10 at 1up.com!
Sat-22/12 : Legends of Norrath Forsworn Launch Week Continues!
Sat-22/12 : Frostfell Bonus XP Weekends, December 21st − 24th and Dece
Thu-20/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-20/12 : Legends of Norrath’s First Expansion, Forsworn, Launches Today
Wed-19/12 : Update Notes
Wed-19/12 : MMORPG.com 2007 Award Nominations!
Wed-19/12 : Limited Holiday Technical Support Hours
Wed-19/12 : Get The LoN Newsletter!
Wed-19/12 : An interview with Bruce Ferguson!
Wed-19/12 : Scheduled Maintenance
Wed-19/12 : Legends of Norrath Forsworn Launches This Wednesday!
Tue-18/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-18/12 : Holiday contests abound!
Tue-18/12 : Community Spotlight
Tue-18/12 : Legends of Norrath Forsworn Launches This Wednesday!
Sun-16/12 : Update Notes
Sun-16/12 : Emergency Downtime
Sun-16/12 : Developer Spotlight
Sun-16/12 : Podcast 27 is live!
Sun-16/12 : Legends of Norrath Loot Re-Roll
Thu-13/12 : Game Update #41
Thu-13/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-13/12 : Frostfell returns to Norrath!
Wed-12/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-12/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-12/12 : Character Transfer Service Update.
Wed-12/12 : Runnyeye Zone Review
Wed-12/12 : Saving Santug!
Tue-11/12 : Station Exchange & Character Transfer Service Maintenance Notifi
Tue-11/12 : Limited Technical Support on Thursday, December 13th 2007
Tue-11/12 : Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifiers Begin!
Tue-11/12 : Pirates of the Burning Sea Open Beta Starts Today!
Tue-11/12 : Community Spotlight
Mon-10/12 : Town Crier!
Mon-10/12 : Community Spotlight
Mon-10/12 : New Legends of Norrath Expansion Coming Soon – Loot Cards Anno
Sat-08/12 : Firiona Vie Tournament Weekend!
Fri-07/12 : Update Notes
Fri-07/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-07/12 : Game Update 41, now on test!
Thu-06/12 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-06/12 : Keep Your Characters Safe!
Thu-06/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-06/12 : Maintenance Notice
Thu-06/12 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-05/12 : gNet is looking for Fanatical Fans!
Wed-05/12 : New Tunaria Zone Review
Tue-04/12 : Community Spotlight
Tue-04/12 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-04/12 : Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer Chat at Gamespy!
Mon-03/12 : Podcast 26!
Mon-03/12 : Town Crier!
Sat-01/12 : Possible server issue for those affected this morning...
Fri-30/11 : Update Notes
Fri-30/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-30/11 : EverQuestII in this year’s MMO Calendar!
Thu-29/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-29/11 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-29/11 : Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine NOV/DEC Issue Features Eve
Thu-29/11 : Legends of Norrath™ Promo Weekend
Thu-29/11 : Maintenance Notice
Wed-28/11 : Solusek’s Eye Zone Review
Tue-27/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-27/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-27/11 : Community Spotlight
Thu-22/11 : Update Notes
Thu-22/11 : Happy Holiday Weekend!
Thu-22/11 : Child’s Play!
Thu-22/11 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-21/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-21/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-21/11 : Nektropos Castle Zone Review
Tue-20/11 : Update Notes
Tue-20/11 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-20/11 : Limited Technical, In-Game and Account Support
Tue-20/11 : Thanksgiving Tournament Marathon Weekend
Tue-20/11 : Join in the Station Launcher Beta Test
Tue-20/11 : Community Spotlight
Mon-19/11 : Draftmania Weekend Starts Today!
Mon-19/11 : Legend of Norrath Loot Re-roll Fridays!
Fri-16/11 : Update Notes
Fri-16/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-16/11 : How much of a pirate are ye’?
Fri-16/11 : Town Crier!
Thu-15/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-15/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-15/11 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-15/11 : Sinking Sands Zone Review
Wed-14/11 : EverQuest II Rise of Kunark is Now Live
Wed-14/11 : SOE Simultaneously Launches Expansions for EverQuest and EverQue
Wed-14/11 : Rise of Kunark is Here!
Wed-14/11 : Rise of Kunark Teaser Images!
Tue-13/11 : Get ready... the Rise of Kunark is on its way!
Tue-13/11 : Today’s EQ2 Players Update Notes
Tue-13/11 : Community Spotlight
Tue-13/11 : How to Purchase Rise of Kunark at the Station Store
Mon-12/11 : Maintenance Notice
Mon-12/11 : Login issue…
Mon-12/11 : Now announcing! Here are your upcoming 4-year veteran rewards!
Mon-12/11 : EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark beta NDA lifted!
Mon-12/11 : Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine NOV/DEC Issue Features Eve
Mon-12/11 : Cake makes an expansion a happy expansion!
Mon-12/11 : Podcast 25 is live!
Mon-12/11 : Break out the cake, there’s a party goin’ on!
Fri-09/11 : Town Crier!
Fri-09/11 : Introducing the first expansion to Legends of Norrath™ - Forsw
Fri-09/11 : Announcing Three New Types of Legends of Norrath Tournaments!
Thu-08/11 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-07/11 : Feerrott Zone Review
Wed-07/11 : EQIIPlayers Maintenance November 7th, from 10:00am-11:30am PDT
Wed-07/11 : Calling all gamers! Child's Play 2007 needs your help!
Tue-06/11 : Update Notes
Tue-06/11 : Lucan D'Lere Promotional Pack now on sale in the Legends o
Tue-06/11 : LoN MMORPG.com Developer Chat at 7pm EST on 11/06/07!
Tue-06/11 : Community Spotlight
Mon-05/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-05/11 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-05/11 : Remember to fall back!
Mon-05/11 : Rise of Kunark preview!
Mon-05/11 : Pirates CSG™ Online USS Denver Physical and Digital Ship Promo
Fri-02/11 : Update Notes
Fri-02/11 : Community Participation Zone Review Selection Poll
Fri-02/11 : Town Crier!
Thu-01/11 : Happy Halloween!
Thu-01/11 : Lavastorm Zone Review
Thu-01/11 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-01/11 : LoN MMORPG.com Developer Chat at 7pm EST on 11/06/07!
Thu-01/11 : Race to Kunark bonus XP Sundays!
Wed-31/10 : Station Services Maintenance
Wed-31/10 : Community Spotlight
Wed-31/10 : Next Legends of Norrath™ Promo Weekend Scheduled for Nov 2nd-4
Mon-29/10 : Update Notes
Fri-26/10 : Join Us for the Legends of Norrath Loot Tournament Weekend!
Fri-26/10 : Nektulos Forest Zone Review
Fri-26/10 : EQII U.S. Server Restarts
Wed-24/10 : Update Notes
Wed-24/10 : Limited Technical, In-Game and Account Support
Tue-23/10 : Community Spotlight
Tue-23/10 : Limited Technical, In-Game and Account Support
Mon-22/10 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-22/10 : Player Interview
Mon-22/10 : Legends of Norrath Tournament Testing Continues!
Fri-19/10 : Town Crier!
Fri-19/10 : Join Us for the Legends of Norrath Loot Tournament Weekend!
Thu-18/10 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-18/10 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-18/10 : Game Update 39 Notes
Wed-17/10 : RoK Beta for Fan Faire Attendees and EQuinox Preorder Customers
Wed-17/10 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-17/10 : Legends of Norrath - More Loot! Bonus Loot
Wed-17/10 : EverQuest2.com Relaunched for Rise of Kunark
Wed-17/10 : Rise of Kunark Preorder Now Available
Wed-17/10 : Everfrost Zone Review
Tue-16/10 : SOE community meet and greet at “E for All”!
Tue-16/10 : Maintenance Notice
Tue-16/10 : Community Spotlight
Mon-15/10 : Update Notes
Mon-15/10 : Podcast 24!
Mon-15/10 : Interview with SOE network engineer Roger Sewell!
Fri-12/10 : Town Crier!
Fri-12/10 : Legends of Norrath Tournament Testing Continues!
Thu-11/10 : Hotfixes
Thu-11/10 : Maintenance Notice
Thu-11/10 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-11/10 : Tradeskill Dev Diary at Warcry.com!
Wed-10/10 : Enchanted Lands Zone Review
Tue-09/10 : Community Spotlight
Mon-08/10 : Game Update 39 Preview
Mon-08/10 : Interview with designer Liz “Feconix” Sigmund!
Mon-08/10 : Maintenance Notice
Sat-06/10 : Legends of Norrath Tournament Testing Continues!
Fri-05/10 : Town Crier!
Thu-04/10 : Using a Reloadable Visa or MasterCard for Sony Games
Thu-04/10 : Interview with Tim Granich!
Thu-04/10 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-03/10 : New EQII “Rise of Kunark” box art!
Wed-03/10 : Thundering Steppes Zone Review
Wed-03/10 : John Smedley Interviewed at WarCry.com!
Tue-02/10 : Community Spotlight
Tue-02/10 : SOE community meet and greet at “E for All”!
Tue-02/10 : Kunark interview at Tentonhammer.com!
Mon-01/10 : Scheduled Downtime
Mon-01/10 : So, what happened on Tuesday?
Mon-01/10 : RoK Beta for Fan Faire Attendee’s and EQuinox Preorders
Mon-01/10 : Character Transfer Services are back online!
Mon-01/10 : Legends of Norrath Tournament Testing Resumes!
Fri-28/09 : Town Crier!
Thu-27/09 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-26/09 : Legends of Norrath Promotion Weekend Sept. 28-30
Wed-26/09 : The Commonlands Zone Review
Tue-25/09 : Downtime Reminder
Tue-25/09 : Community Spotlight
Mon-24/09 : Better Know a Developer!
Mon-24/09 : Podcast 23, ready for your enjoyment!
Fri-21/09 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-21/09 : All you wanted to know about the beta but were afraid to ask…
Fri-21/09 : Extended Service Downtime Update!
Fri-21/09 : Town Crier!
Thu-20/09 : Legends of Norrath Tournaments Testing Begins!
Thu-20/09 : Extended Service Downtime on September 25th
Thu-20/09 : Player Interview
Thu-20/09 : Gnobrin's official "Talk like a Pirate Day" Tr
Wed-19/09 : Zone Reviews Brought to you by The EQII Community
Tue-18/09 : Hotfix Notice: Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
Tue-18/09 : Ten Ton Hammer Reviews EQII!
Tue-18/09 : Community Spotlight
Tue-18/09 : Test PvP Server to Close on Wednesday
Mon-17/09 : Interview with Tim Heydelaar, Environment Lead for Everquest II!
Fri-14/09 : Technical and Account Support options for Friday, September 14th
Fri-14/09 : Town Crier!
Thu-13/09 : Forums Maintenance: Thursday, September 13th, 2007
Thu-13/09 : Online Gaming Radio, now featuring Legends of Norrath!
Thu-13/09 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-13/09 : Important Message For Subscribers Impacted By Hurricane Katrina!
Thu-13/09 : Legends of Norrath Now Available for Everyone
Thu-13/09 : Game Update #38
Wed-12/09 : On the Eve of the Update – Game Update #38 is Incoming!
Mon-10/09 : Sony Online Entertainment and Habitat for Humanity
Mon-10/09 : Sneak Peek of Update 38!
Fri-07/09 : Town Crier!
Thu-06/09 : Update Notes
Thu-06/09 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-06/09 : Legends of Norrath is Live today in EQ and EQII
Wed-05/09 : Game Maintenance
Wed-05/09 : Audio Dev Diary with Greg Spence!
Tue-04/09 : Legends of Norrath Preview
Tue-04/09 : Game Update 38 Preview
Fri-31/08 : Technical and Account support options for Monday, September 3rd
Fri-31/08 : Town Crier!
Thu-30/08 : Chad Haley interviewed by Mmorpg.com!
Thu-30/08 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-29/08 : Gnobrin’s interview with Kyri and Yono!
Tue-28/08 : Better Know a Developer: Nathan Temple
Tue-28/08 : Legends of Norrath beta!
Mon-27/08 : Podcast 22 is live!
Mon-27/08 : Crunch Time at SOE
Fri-24/08 : Update Notes
Fri-24/08 : Interested in Participating in the Legends of Norrath Beta?
Fri-24/08 : Town Crier!
Thu-23/08 : Game Server Hotfix: Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
Thu-23/08 : Grimwell's Gen Con Report
Thu-23/08 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-22/08 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-22/08 : Uberguilds Radio: Kunark video!
Fri-17/08 : EverQuest II: House Renovation Contest
Fri-17/08 : Update Notes
Fri-17/08 : Town Crier!
Thu-16/08 : Temporary Broker Changes
Thu-16/08 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-16/08 : Emily “Domino” Taylor Interviewed at MPOGD
Wed-15/08 : Update Notes
Wed-15/08 : Interview with Ima Somers
Wed-15/08 : Legends of Norrath beta flags from Fan Faire 2007?
Wed-15/08 : EQII is open for gameplay!
Tue-14/08 : Reminder: SOE Gen Con Celebration
Tue-14/08 : With This Click I Thee Wed
Tue-14/08 : Update: Scheduled Downtime: Tuesday, August 14th, 4:00 AM PDT
Mon-13/08 : SOE Podcast #21 is Now Available!
Mon-13/08 : Planetwide Media presents the SOE Comic Book Creator Contest!
Mon-13/08 : Fan Faire 2007 reports at Mpogd.com!
Mon-13/08 : EQII Featured in the August/September Issue of Massive Online G
Fri-10/08 : Nick Beliaeff Talks with Gamasutra
Fri-10/08 : Town Crier!
Fri-10/08 : SOE teams up with Virgin Comics to bring Ramayan 3392 A.D. to th
Thu-09/08 : Grimwell's Fan Faire Report
Thu-09/08 : Scheduled Downtime: Tuesday, August 14th, 7:00 AM PDT
Thu-09/08 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-08/08 : SOE Gen Con Celebration
Wed-08/08 : Dragon-kin Counting Contest
Wed-08/08 : Legends of Norrath Forums Now Open!
Wed-08/08 : EQII's State of the Game Report on WarCry
Mon-06/08 : Fan Faire Friday Recap
Mon-06/08 : Fan Faire Baby!
Thu-02/08 : EQ2 Character Transfer Service Back Up
Wed-01/08 : Two Days Until Fan Faire
Wed-01/08 : Game Update #37 Notes
Tue-31/07 : The Fan Faire Community Video
Tue-31/07 : Block Party Recap
Tue-31/07 : Three Days Until Fan Faire!
Mon-30/07 : Four Days Until Fan Faire!
Mon-30/07 : Game Update 37 Sneak Peek
Fri-27/07 : Seven Days until Fan Faire!
Fri-27/07 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-25/07 : Block Party is Almost Here!
Wed-25/07 : US Game Server Hotfix: Wednesday, July 25th, 7:00 AM PDT
Tue-24/07 : Limoj of EQ2-Compendium Interviewed
Tue-24/07 : MMORPG.com's MMO Rankings
Mon-23/07 : Update Notes
Mon-23/07 : SOE Podcast #20 is Now Available!
Mon-23/07 : Come One, Come All – Saturday, July 28th!
Mon-23/07 : Game Update 37 Preview
Fri-20/07 : EQuinox Magazine Preorder Now Available
Thu-19/07 : Feeling a Little Romantic? Get Hitched at Fan Faire!
Thu-19/07 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-19/07 : SOE Player of the Year Winners
Thu-19/07 : Game Server Maintenance on Thursday, July 19th, 2007
Wed-18/07 : Update Notes
Wed-18/07 : Rise of Kunark Beta Information
Wed-18/07 : Pre-Registration for Fan Faire ends Friday, July 20th!
Wed-18/07 : Tyrlien of Butcherblock Wins GameAmp's Biography Contest
Tue-17/07 : Akil "Lyndro" Hooper Interviewed at Mondes Persistan
Tue-17/07 : New Server-Side Spam Filtering
Mon-16/07 : Maintenance Notice for EQ2 Players Website on 7/16/07
Fri-13/07 : Update Notes
Fri-13/07 : Rise of Kunark E3 Video at Ten Ton Hammer
Thu-12/07 : Rise of Kunark Screens Available at EQII Vault
Thu-12/07 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-11/07 : Update Notes
Wed-11/07 : Station.com Gets a New Look
Wed-11/07 : EverQuest II Panels for Fan Faire 2007
Tue-10/07 : Your Best Fan Faire Story
Mon-09/07 : Introductions!
Mon-09/07 : EQ2BattleMage Asks: "Who are the Most Influential Mages of
Mon-09/07 : SOE's Second Annual Block Party
Fri-06/07 : News for Unrest, Antonia Bayle, and Guk Players
Fri-06/07 : Video Dev Diary with Joy Parkes
Fri-06/07 : Emergency Forum Maintenance, Thursday, July 5th
Fri-06/07 : Town Crier!
Thu-05/07 : Happy 4th of July!
Wed-04/07 : Dev Tracker Enabled
Tue-03/07 : Emily "Domino" Taylor Interviewed at Mondes Persista
Fri-29/06 : Technical and Account support for Wednesday, July 4th 2007
Fri-29/06 : Game Update #36 Notes
Thu-28/06 : SOE Player of the Year Contest
Thu-28/06 : Forums Maintenance for Monday July 2, 2007
Wed-27/06 : Character Transfer Service Available
Wed-27/06 : Game Update 36 Sneak Peek
Wed-27/06 : SOE to Publish Pirates of the Burning Sea
Tue-26/06 : Scheduled Downtime
Tue-26/06 : PvP Test Server - Character Reset on Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Tue-26/06 : Community Spotlight – The Traveler’s Tales
Sat-23/06 : Station Exchange Maintenance Notice, Monday, June 25, 2007
Sat-23/06 : EverQuest II: All in One Compilation now available at Direct2Dri
Sat-23/06 : Podcast 19 is now Live
Sat-23/06 : EQII Japan Second Anniversary Montage
Fri-22/06 : Town Crier!
Fri-22/06 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-21/06 : Liz Sigmund Interviewed at EQII Stratics
Thu-21/06 : New Fan Faire Information
Wed-20/06 : How to Check or Update an Active Petition
Mon-18/06 : Happy Father's Day!
Mon-18/06 : EQII Web Browser Interview with Don 'Silverfrost' Ne
Fri-15/06 : Free AA Respec on Test Servers
Thu-14/06 : Update on the Dev Tracker Status
Thu-14/06 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-14/06 : Pirates CSG Announces Expansion: South China Seas!
Thu-14/06 : Dev Chat Log Now Available
Wed-13/06 : Akil 'Lyndro' Hooper Interviewed at EQII Vault
Wed-13/06 : Maintenance Notice for Thursday, June 14, 2007
Wed-13/06 : Game Update 36 Preview
Tue-12/06 : EQII Art Leads Interviewed at EQII Stratics
Mon-11/06 : Dev Tracker Temporarily Disabled
Mon-11/06 : Podcast 18 is now Live
Mon-11/06 : The Festival of Unity
Fri-08/06 : Update Notes
Fri-08/06 : Town Crier!
Thu-07/06 : The Festival of Unity
Thu-07/06 : EQII Allakhazam IRC Developer Chat
Thu-07/06 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-07/06 : Chat Issues on Guk
Wed-06/06 : Update Notes
Wed-06/06 : Nathan 'Kaitheel' McCall on the Arasai
Tue-05/06 : Update Notes
Mon-04/06 : Forums Mainteanance for Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
Mon-04/06 : LA Meet and Greet During the Star Wars Celebration
Mon-04/06 : Liz Sigmund Talks to Soffrina About Neriak
Sun-03/06 : Town Crier!
Thu-31/05 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-31/05 : Character Transfer Service Unavailable
Wed-30/05 : Fan Art Assault
Wed-30/05 : Having Problems Logging into Your Guild Forums?
Wed-30/05 : Station Exchange Maintenance Notice for Tuesday, May 28th, 2007
Tue-29/05 : Update Notes
Fri-25/05 : Town Crier!
Thu-24/05 : Heads up! Arasai are killing the server hamsters! (Your server m
Thu-24/05 : The Masters of Fantasy Art - A Tribute to Keith Parkinson
Thu-24/05 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-24/05 : Station Access Bonus Content!
Thu-24/05 : A Quick Reminder About Neriak on Patch Day
Thu-24/05 : Game Update #35 Notes
Wed-23/05 : Scott Hartsman on the Future for EverQuest II at Gamasutra
Wed-23/05 : Getting Your Client Ready for Neriak
Tue-22/05 : Station Exchange Maintenance Notice for Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Tue-22/05 : Game Update #35 Sneak Peek
Tue-22/05 : Regarding False Messaging From Platinum Sellers
Tue-22/05 : Technical and Account support for Monday, May 28th 2007
Tue-22/05 : EverQuest II Gamer Day Coverage at WarCry
Sun-20/05 : SOE Fan Faire Registration is Now Open
Fri-18/05 : SOE Meet and Greet during Star Wars Celebration
Thu-17/05 : About Recent Account Bannings
Wed-16/05 : Operation Home Renovation Winners
Wed-16/05 : Audio Dev Diary with Barbara "Babs" Saito
Tue-15/05 : Town Crier!
Mon-14/05 : Happy Mother's Day!
Mon-14/05 : Rise of Kunark official web site!
Fri-11/05 : Kunark Expansion Overview
Fri-11/05 : About the Recent Spate of Server Crashes
Fri-11/05 : Account and Technical Support for Friday, May 11th 2007
Thu-10/05 : EQII Senior Producer Scott Hartsman announces "Rise of Kun
Wed-09/05 : Interview with Grimwell from SOE
Wed-09/05 : Better Know a Developer - Emily "Domino" Taylor
Wed-09/05 : Account and Technical Support for Friday, May 11th 2007
Wed-09/05 : Forum Maintenance 5/9/2007 8:00 AM PDT - 12:30 PM PDT
Tue-08/05 : Gallenite: EQII to Increase Number of Character Slots in GU #35
Mon-07/05 : Update Notes
Sat-05/05 : SOE Official Podcast #17 is now available!
Sat-05/05 : Free Character Transfer Service Now Available
Sat-05/05 : How to Handle Credit Card Requests in the Character Transfer
Sat-05/05 : New Community Site: Norrath News
Sat-05/05 : Venekor Now Open
Sat-05/05 : Addressing PvP Merge Concerns
Sat-05/05 : An Update on the PvP Merger and Free Character Transfer
Fri-04/05 : Producer's Letter - May 2007
Thu-03/05 : Update on Maintenance for Free Character Tranfers
Wed-02/05 : All Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended
Tue-01/05 : Reminders about the Free Character Transfers
Mon-30/04 : Cloak Of Flames Quests
Sun-29/04 : Better Know a Developer - Chad 'Lotus' Haley
Fri-27/04 : Warg Mount Quests !
Fri-27/04 : New Updates at the Fan Faire 2007 Website
Thu-26/04 : Avast Ye Land Lubbers! A New Pirates CSG Online Expansion Awaits
Thu-26/04 : Game Update #34
Tue-24/04 : PvP Merge & Character Transfer FAQ
Tue-24/04 : Better Know a Developer - Midori
Tue-24/04 : Scheduled Downtime on Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
Sun-22/04 : Game Update 34 Sneak Peek - Updated
Fri-20/04 : Maintenance Notice for EQ2 Guilds Website on 4/24/07
Fri-20/04 : Town Crier!
Tue-17/04 : Update Notes
Mon-16/04 : Podcast 16 Now Live!
Mon-16/04 : Game Update 34 Preview
Sun-15/04 : Forum Setup
Sat-14/04 : Town Crier!
Fri-13/04 : Update Notes
Fri-13/04 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-12/04 : Learning about Leviathan
Wed-11/04 : Audio Developer Diary - Jennifer "Kirstie" Gerull
Tue-10/04 : Announcing a New Test Server for the PvP Rules Set
Mon-09/04 : Noah Holmes Discusses the Deathfist Citadel Revamp
Mon-09/04 : Operation Home Renovation 2007
Sat-07/04 : Update Notes
Fri-06/04 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-06/04 : Town Crier!
Thu-05/04 : Update Notes
Wed-04/04 : A Day in the Life of a Game Master
Wed-04/04 : March Madness Final Round
Wed-04/04 : Maintenance Notices for 4/2/2007
Tue-03/04 : April 1st Public Safety Announcement
Mon-02/04 : New Character Class: Archaeologist
Sat-31/03 : Podast #15 is Now Available
Sat-31/03 : Update Notes
Fri-30/03 : Better Know a Developer - Don 'Silverfrost' Neufeld
Fri-30/03 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-30/03 : Emergency Forum Maintenance
Thu-29/03 : All Game Servers Locked Until 11:30 AM PDT
Thu-29/03 : Emergency Forum Maintenance
Thu-29/03 : Game Update 33 Notes
Wed-28/03 : Game Update 33 Sneak Peek
Wed-28/03 : Class Hat Update for Coercers
Wed-28/03 : Interview With Tony Garcia About the Swords of Destiny
Tue-27/03 : Forum Mainteance on 3/27/07
Mon-26/03 : The Name Game
Sat-24/03 : Planning a Wedding Soon?
Fri-23/03 : Update Notes
Fri-23/03 : Town Crier!
Wed-21/03 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-21/03 : Greenion and Station Access
Wed-21/03 : Listen Live to the EQ2's-day Podcast Today
Tue-20/03 : Update Notes
Tue-20/03 : Community Spotlight -- EQ2Craft.com
Mon-19/03 : Update Notes
Mon-19/03 : The 14th SOE Podcast is Now Available!
Mon-19/03 : Knowing When and How to Petition
Mon-19/03 : Game Update 33 Preview
Fri-16/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Fri-16/03 : EQ2's Day Podcast Team Hosting March Mob Madness Contest
Fri-16/03 : Phone Support Hours on 3/16/07
Fri-16/03 : Tap the Kegs and Ready Your Steins!
Wed-14/03 : Important information regarding your Station Access subscription
Wed-14/03 : Update Notes
Tue-13/03 : Downtime Reminder
Tue-13/03 : Changes to Buddy Key Accounts
Mon-12/03 : Update Notes
Mon-12/03 : Better Know a Developer!
Fri-09/03 : Town Crier!
Fri-09/03 : Spring Forward! - Daylight Savings Time Begins this Sunday, Marc
Thu-08/03 : Scheduled Downtime on Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
Wed-07/03 : Update Notes
Wed-07/03 : Update Notes
Tue-06/03 : Town Crier!
Tue-06/03 : Forums Maintenance for Tuesday March 6, 2007
Sat-03/03 : Update Notes
Sat-03/03 : Exclusive Interview with the developer of the Estate of Unrest:
Sat-03/03 : Keep Your Characters Safe!
Sat-03/03 : Devs Diary
Thu-01/03 : Game Update #32
Thu-01/03 : Scheduled Downtime
Thu-01/03 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-28/02 : Pirates CSG Online's First Expansion: The Spanish Main
Wed-28/02 : Fae Ink
Tue-27/02 : Play Tanarus for Free From March 2nd - 5th
Tue-27/02 : EQII Guilds Forum Transition Extended
Tue-27/02 : Player Spotlight: The Archivists
Tue-27/02 : Scheduled Mainteance for the Week of March 2nd, 2007
Mon-26/02 : Update Notes
Mon-26/02 : Game Update 32 Sneak Peek
Mon-26/02 : Using a Reloadable Visa or MasterCard for Sony Games
Mon-26/02 : EQII Guilds Official Forums Slow
Fri-23/02 : New to Station.com, the Strategic and Exciting Online TCG: Star
Fri-23/02 : SOE Official Podcast #13 Now Available!
Fri-23/02 : Announcing the 2007 SOE Fan Faire – Save the Date!
Thu-22/02 : Guild Forum Migration Reminder
Wed-21/02 : The Avatar of Valor and the Priest of Truth Go Down En Français
Mon-19/02 : Update Notes
Mon-19/02 : More Pirates CSG Info for Station Access Subscribers!
Mon-19/02 : Game Update 32 Preview!
Mon-19/02 : President's Day Customer Support Update
Mon-19/02 : New Expansion for the Pirates CSG Online Game!
Fri-16/02 : Update Notes
Fri-16/02 : SOE Community Summit Discussion at the EQ2-Daily.com Podcast.
Fri-16/02 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-16/02 : Forums Emergency Maintenance at 2:00PM PST, February 15th, 2007
Fri-16/02 : Happy Flag Day to Our Canadian Friends!
Thu-15/02 : EQ2 Guilds Forum Migration on February 22nd
Thu-15/02 : Town Crier!
Wed-14/02 : Happy Valentine's Day
Tue-13/02 : Update Notes
Tue-13/02 : Forum Transition Complete!
Tue-13/02 : Open Arms for Erollisi Day!
Tue-13/02 : Happy Birthday EQOA!!!
Mon-12/02 : Game Client Crashes Due to UI Corruption
Mon-12/02 : Update Notes
Mon-12/02 : EQII Forums Maintenance Extended Through Monday, February 12th.
Mon-12/02 : Podcast Party! SOE Podcast Also Available!
Mon-12/02 : SOE Summit Commentary at the Virgin Worlds Podcast
Fri-09/02 : Update Notes
Fri-09/02 : SOE Community Summit 2007: From the perspective of Julie the In
Fri-09/02 : The Eve of Erollisi
Thu-08/02 : SOE's Station Exchange - The Results of a Year of Trading
Thu-08/02 : Vote in the 2007 EverQuest 2 Oggie Awards
Wed-07/02 : Forum Migration Now in Process
Tue-06/02 : Update Notes
Tue-06/02 : Forum Migration Begins on Tuesday, February 6th
Mon-05/02 : Update Notes
Fri-02/02 : Update Notes
Thu-01/02 : Veteran Rewards Calculations (Account Age) Status
Thu-01/02 : Game Update #31
Thu-01/02 : Issue With Hoolah Exchange of Class Hats
Thu-01/02 : Guild Bank Logs - After GU #31
Thu-01/02 : EQ2 Players Website Instability
Wed-31/01 : The Other Side of Patch Day
Tue-30/01 : Update Notes
Tue-30/01 : Community Spotlight – Digging Into Dreyco’s Mind
Tue-30/01 : The Eleventh Official SOE Podcast is Now Available!
Mon-29/01 : New Forums on the Way!
Fri-26/01 : Game Update 31: Sneak Peek
Fri-26/01 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-25/01 : Update Notes
Thu-25/01 : Town Crier!
Thu-25/01 : Dev Chest!
Mon-22/01 : Community Spotlight: The Norrathian Homeshow
Mon-22/01 : Game Update 31: Preview
Fri-19/01 : Update Notes
Fri-19/01 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-18/01 : Town Crier!
Thu-18/01 : Dev Chest!
Wed-17/01 : Update Notes
Wed-17/01 : Funny EQ2 Photoshop Contest
Mon-15/01 : Second Dawn Claims Wuoshi as a Trophy!
Fri-12/01 : New Station Blog
Fri-12/01 : Update Notes
Fri-12/01 : Exclusive Allakhazam interview with Craig "Grimwell"
Fri-12/01 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-12/01 : What's Your Story? CBS Wants to Know!
Thu-11/01 : EQ2 CES Coverage at WarCry
Thu-11/01 : Town Crier!
Thu-11/01 : Phone Support Unavailable Monday January 15th 2007 Martin Luther
Thu-11/01 : Comic Book Creator contest extended to Monday, January 15!
Wed-10/01 : Dev Chest!
Tue-09/01 : EQII Developer Chat Log
Tue-09/01 : Account Security and You!
Mon-08/01 : Update Notes
Mon-08/01 : EQII has a new Community Manager
Fri-05/01 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-05/01 : EQII Developer Chat in the Pirates CSG Lobby!
Fri-05/01 : Friday January 5th is the last day to submit for the Comic Book
Fri-05/01 : Update Notes
Wed-03/01 : MMO Calendar 2007 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospita
Wed-03/01 : Merry Christmas!
Sat-30/12 : Happy Holidays!
Sat-30/12 : Update Notes
Thu-28/12 : Frostfell Wallpapers!
Thu-28/12 : Holiday Bonus XP!
Thu-28/12 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-21/12 : Game Update #30
Wed-20/12 : Everquest II Wins Most Improved Game
Wed-20/12 : Scheduled Downtime
Wed-20/12 : Dev Chest!
Wed-20/12 : Account and Technical Support: Reduced Phone Hours during Holida
Tue-19/12 : Landlubbers Rejoice!
Mon-18/12 : Update Notes
Mon-18/12 : The Producer’s Letter by Scott Hartsman!
Mon-18/12 : Happy Hanukkah!
Sat-16/12 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-15/12 : EverQuest II is a Finalist for an MMORPG.com Graphics award!
Fri-15/12 : December 14th: All Pirates Booty donated to Child’s Play!
Thu-14/12 : Update Notes
Thu-14/12 : Zliten talks about New Tunaria!
Thu-14/12 : Pirates Constructible Strategy Game Online
Thu-14/12 : SOE’s Tenth Official Podcast!
Wed-13/12 : Dev Chest!
Tue-12/12 : Update Notes
Mon-11/12 : Game Update #30: Teaser Screenshots
Mon-11/12 : Play the Fae Trial!
Mon-11/12 : Account and Technical Phone Support will close at 6:00pm PST on
Fri-08/12 : Treasure Chest!
Wed-06/12 : Update Notes
Wed-06/12 : Dev Chest!
Wed-06/12 : Scheduled Maintenance for EQ2 Station Players on Decmber 7, 2006
Tue-05/12 : Vhalen talks about Kaladim!
Tue-05/12 : Station Access Holiday Surprises!
Mon-04/12 : Update Notes
Mon-04/12 : Game Update 30: Preview
Mon-04/12 : 2006 Child's Play Charity Drive Underway!
Mon-04/12 : Comic Book Creator Holiday Contest!
Fri-01/12 : Emergency Maintenance for Station login and Launch Pad on Decmbe
Fri-01/12 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-01/12 : Town Crier
Wed-29/11 : SOE’s Ninth Official Podcast!
Wed-29/11 : Dev Chest!
Tue-28/11 : Morticus Talks About Lesser Faydark!
Thu-23/11 : Happy Thanksgiving!
Thu-23/11 : Update Notes
Thu-23/11 : Peter Talks About Ak’Anon!
Wed-22/11 : Owlchick Talks About Kelethin!
Wed-22/11 : Sony Online Entertainment Games Available Through T-Mobile HotSp
Tue-21/11 : Ilucide Talks About Mistmoore Castle!
Tue-21/11 : Tech and Account Phone Support Closed 11/23 and 11/24
Mon-20/11 : Game Update #29
Mon-20/11 : Echoes of Faydwer in the News!
Mon-20/11 : EQ2 Players Revamp
Mon-20/11 : EverQuest II Echoes of Faydwer Premiere Party Hosted By iGames
Mon-20/11 : RPGamer - Fae Join the Hunt in Everquest II, 36 New Screenshots,
Mon-20/11 : EarLocust Talks About Steamfont!
Fri-17/11 : Zaphax Talks About Butcherblock!
Thu-16/11 : Ilucide Talks About “Blessings and Miracles”!
Thu-16/11 : New Echoes of Faydwer Lore, Chapter III!
Thu-16/11 : SOE’s Eighth Official Podcast!
Wed-15/11 : Owlchick Talks About The Fae!
Wed-15/11 : Echoes of Faydwer in the News!
Wed-15/11 : EverQuest II Echoes of Faydwer is Live!
Wed-15/11 : EQ2Players Revamped
Mon-13/11 : Game Update #29: Teaser Screenshots
Mon-13/11 : New Echoes of Faydwer Lore, Chapter II!
Fri-10/11 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-09/11 : Game Update #29: Improvements to Combat!
Thu-09/11 : Happy 2nd Birthday EverQuest II!
Wed-08/11 : Dev Chest!
Tue-07/11 : Child’s Play 2006 Charity Drive
Tue-07/11 : Player Spotlight: Broomhilda
Tue-07/11 : Echoes of Faydwer NDA Lifted!
Tue-07/11 : New Station.Com Blog – “The Single Bullet Theoryâ
Mon-06/11 : New Live Events!
Mon-06/11 : Game Update #29 Preview
Mon-06/11 : Warcry Interviews Tony “Vhalen” Garcia!
Mon-06/11 : SOE’s Seventh Official Podcast!
Fri-03/11 : Dok Whitson chosen for the Spectrum Annual 13!
Fri-03/11 : NEW Fansite created EQII EOF and Nostalgic Videos!
Fri-03/11 : Treasure Chest!
Fri-03/11 : Joe Shoopack Live Chat Interview!
Fri-03/11 : Town Crier
Wed-01/11 : Dev Chest!
Tue-31/10 : Nights of the Dead!
Fri-27/10 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-26/10 : Town Crier
Thu-26/10 : EverQuest II Fan Art Gallery Updated!
Thu-26/10 : MMORPG Echoes of Faydwer Contest!
Wed-25/10 : Update Notes
Wed-25/10 : Dev Chest!
Wed-25/10 : MMO DB Echoes of Faydwer Giveaway!
Tue-24/10 : Community Pumpkin Carving Challenge
Tue-24/10 : Player Spotlight: Zemfira
Tue-24/10 : SOE’s Sixth Official Podcast!
Mon-23/10 : EverQuest II Carves a Pumpkin!
Mon-23/10 : Echoes of Faydwer Goodies!
Mon-23/10 : Log in Server Maintenance Announcement: Monday October 23rd
Fri-20/10 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-19/10 : Town Crier
Wed-18/10 : Dev Chest
Tue-17/10 : Update Notes
Tue-17/10 : New Station.Com Blog – “Comments on the PS3’
Tue-17/10 : SOE Customer Service interface
Mon-16/10 : Global Collect Service Maintenance: Monday, October 16th
Fri-13/10 : Update Notes
Fri-13/10 : Treasure Chest!
Thu-12/10 : Town Crier
Thu-12/10 : Dev Chest
Thu-12/10 : Echoes of Faydwer – Pre-Order
Tue-10/10 : Update Notes
Mon-09/10 : Player Spotlight: Suite Song
Mon-09/10 : Game Update #28
Mon-09/10 : SOE’s Fifth Official Podcast!
Fri-06/10 : Treasure Chest
Fri-06/10 : Update Notes
Thu-05/10 : Town Crier
Thu-05/10 : New Echoes of Faydwer Lore!
Thu-05/10 : Update Notes
Wed-04/10 : Dev Chest
Tue-03/10 : New Station.Com Blog – “In Defense of the ESRBâ€
Tue-03/10 : New Everquest 2 Atlas!
Mon-02/10 : Game Update #28: Teaser Screenshots
Thu-28/09 : Echoes of Faydwer Caption Contest
Thu-28/09 : Town Crier
Wed-27/09 : Dev Chest
Wed-27/09 : Maintenance Reminder
Tue-26/09 : Update Notes
Mon-25/09 : Player Spotlight: Felthlightbringer
Sat-23/09 : New fitness center targets teens with games
Sat-23/09 : Game Update #28 Preview!
Fri-22/09 : Awesome Naggie WP!
Fri-22/09 : IGN's Beta Contest
Fri-22/09 : Treasure Chest
Fri-22/09 : SOE's Fourth Official Podcast
Thu-21/09 : Town Crier
Thu-21/09 : SOE on KNSD 7 News!
Thu-21/09 : A New EQ2 Music Video
Thu-21/09 : A Pirate Sets Sail Alone
Wed-20/09 : Online Gaming Radio EQ2's Day
Wed-20/09 : Dev Chest
Tue-19/09 : Ogaming's Cliffhanger
Tue-19/09 : Owlchick answers some questions about EoF
Mon-18/09 : SOE: Interview on SWG, EQ, EQII, EQ:OA, MxO and PlanetSide
Mon-18/09 : Return of the Gods: Part 2
Mon-18/09 : OGaming's Born To Raid EQ2 Guild Interviews
Mon-18/09 : EQ2 Stratics: Interview with the Devs - Crafting and PvP
Sat-16/09 : Beta Signups for Echoes of Faydwer Now Open!
Fri-15/09 : Treasure Chest
Fri-15/09 : Update Notes
Thu-14/09 : I'm Evil- Confessions of An Online Guerilla Marketer
Thu-14/09 : Brad McQuaid Sets Things Straight
Thu-14/09 : Echoes of Faydwer Article
Thu-14/09 : Town Crier
Wed-13/09 : Update Notes
Wed-13/09 : Online Gaming Radio EQ2's Day
Wed-13/09 : Dev Chest
Wed-13/09 : Database Upgrades
Tue-12/09 : Dear Michael Pachter
Tue-12/09 : New Screenies for Echoes!
Mon-11/09 : New Echoes Site!
Mon-11/09 : OGaming's Born To Raid EQ2 Guild Interviews
Mon-11/09 : The Fae!
Mon-11/09 : Curt Schilling Announces the Formation of Green Monster Games, L
Sat-09/09 : Update Notes
Fri-08/09 : Innoruk as a troll?
Fri-08/09 : Treasure Chest for September 7th
Fri-08/09 : SoE's Fan Art Site
Thu-07/09 : Town Crier
Thu-07/09 : Game Update #27
Thu-07/09 : MMORPG's Interview
Thu-07/09 : Dev Chest
Tue-05/09 : Online Gaming Radio EQ2's Day
Tue-05/09 : Player Spotlight: Gaige
Tue-05/09 : SoE Demo Disc
Tue-05/09 : Game Update #27 Profession Hats
Tue-05/09 : Stratics Interview
Sun-03/09 : Todays New And Updated Items
Sat-02/09 : Update Notes
Fri-01/09 : Treasure Chest for August 31st
Fri-01/09 : OGaming's Born To Raid EQ2 Guild Interviews
Thu-31/08 : New Town Crier Out
Thu-31/08 : Return of the Gods: Part 1
Wed-30/08 : Online Gaming Radio EQ2's Day
Wed-30/08 : Dev Chest
Wed-30/08 : Launchpad Data Collection
Tue-29/08 : Update Notes
Tue-29/08 : SOE's Third Official Podcast
Mon-28/08 : OGaming's Born To Raid EQ2 Guild Interviews
Mon-28/08 : Game Update #27 Preview
Fri-25/08 : New Echoes Shots
Fri-25/08 : Everquest 2 Guides
Fri-25/08 : Treasure Chest for August 24, 2006
Thu-24/08 : Update Notes
Thu-24/08 : Update Notes
Thu-24/08 : New Town Crier Out
Thu-24/08 : Scott Hartsman Interview
Wed-23/08 : Test Update #27B
Wed-23/08 : New Station.com site
Tue-22/08 : Changes to the Everquest 2 Forums
Tue-22/08 : Echoes Interview
Tue-22/08 : Test Update #27A
Tue-22/08 : "Be Vigilant" Blog
Mon-21/08 : Game Update #26
Mon-21/08 : Fan Faire 2007
Fri-16/06 : Live Update 24
Thu-25/05 : Curt Schilling Enters the World of EverQuest II for ALS
Tue-09/05 : Slow news day !
Mon-08/05 : Sony Finds Vanguard a new home
Sat-06/05 : Sony Has Announced a new Expansion, and a new Adventure back
Thu-06/04 : April Fools - The Quest for Lucan Begins!


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